What is a Good Life?

What is a good life?

Is it about having what others have or living your own life? Until a decade ago I had a great living from the first point of view, but in the last several years, I’ve chosen to live a minimalist’s life, that is living with bare necessities. Indeed, happiness and wanting to have things are inversely proportional to each other.

If we focus on living our own lives, we’ll live happily. The problems begin when we want to have what others have, there is no end to having things, and there is nothing wrong with wanting and having stuff if that is what you want.

I went to Dallas to attend celebrating a friend’s life who had passed away a week ago, he was a great soul. It was time to reflect on life. While there, I went around in Plano with my son and his family. The Quality of life is undoubtedly far better here than most places to raise a family, and the amenities and facilities were incredible. Plano and Richardson are beautiful cities with God’s diversity of creation, people of different races, faiths, and ethnicities were all there. I went to watch my Grandson play soccer indoors, and it was a joy to see all of God’s creation there.

On the way back, I was sitting on the plane next to a friendly sociable woman, and we had a good healthy conversation over a period of three hours. She has so much to share, occasionally my mind wandered at the possibility of taking this conversation further, and each time, I dropped the idea.

There is a beautiful song in Urdu/Hindi language, “Chalte Chalte, younhi koi mil gaya tha.” In the journey of life, I met someone; those few moments were pleasant, let them remain so, and don’t affix a relationship to those moments, let them stay a dream.

For a few moments the desire to live that healthy life again surfaced, but am glad, I quickly came out of it when I reminded myself of what I’ve chosen. My commitment is to Pluralism, and I should stick to it until the Center of Pluralism is doing everything I wanted it to do. I have to live a purposeful life and leave behind ideas and practices that may benefit one soul or the other.

I was in Dallas on short notice and did not call on any of my friends. I hope to visit again and catch up with all my good buddies.

Mike Ghouse

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