India’s Tragedy

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It’s sad to see some of our Indian leaders have resorted to sowing the seeds of discord among Indians, pitting one group of Indians against the other.

We hope someone sits down and talks with them. Their ideas are destructive to India, no one will gain from it. We also hope Prime Minister Modi starts speaking up and sets the course. Not sure, if the Prime Minister wants this to happen.

He has not spoken against lynching and harassment of Muslims and Christians respectively. A pregnant Muslim woman was not admitted to hospital because she was a Muslim, and today, a hospital in Gujarat State is separating Hindus and Muslims in the hospitals into different wards. What is the purpose? Will the Prime Minister speak up?

Subramanian Swamy – I am surprised how he was even appointed to teach at Harvard. The guy does not understand freedom, democracy, and pluralism. Anyway, he was kicked out of the University, but he is hell-bent on sowing discord between different Indian groups. It will lead to chaos, and instability and that will lead to an economic disaster.

One of these days, I would like to interview him, and see if he is redeemable to be a normal human being, who can drop the hate and at least now destroy India. I believe everyone is redeemable.

I will be adding similar videos while I am doing my normal work

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